10 Informative Books On The Masculinity Of Man

by Sep 24, 2020

This whole blog is dedicated to helping men in all areas of their lives. At the same time, essays and articles are not enough. Men need to dig deeper, and this is where books win. You should always be reading something and have one on standby. Barbarians are not one dimensional.

Time for Change

Men hit a point in their life when they are ready for change. It could be simple as waking up in the morning and deciding today is the day. Often it is an event of some nature that makes you look at yourself and go; this is not right.

Men then go on to search out and devour information on the best way to make these changes. How to change physically is usually the easiest. Next come mindset, this one is the hardest for men to change due to all the programming that must be undone.

Today we have the internet at our fingertips, and with that, we get slammed with over information. One link leads to another link. You become so overloaded with information that it becomes mind-numbing.

We need to get off the computer and read some books; the great thing here is that they don’t have to be textbook nonfiction style. Historical fiction and nonfiction can have some fantastic stories of how men have perceived and come out stronger. You can even delve fulling into fiction, and dare I say fantasy, to find characters that embrace masculinity.

My Top 10 Books

Now let’s talk about some great books on masculinity. One theme all the books have, from stories to guides, is the philosophy of the book is masculine.

 One of my favorites is Conan the Barbarian by Robert E Howard; if you have seen the movies, they barely capture what is written in the books. Robert E Howard is a master of showing both strengths and weaknesses of the masculine nature.

Next, let us delve into what masculinity is with The Way of Men by Jack Donovan. Strip away civilization, and what is left? Many men have not explored this primal side and how to use it to challenge the world around them.

 Men live in a gilded cage of their own making; few, if any, our put into survival situations where they are tested for more than a few moments. Unbroken is the story of Louis Zamperini when he survived a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean. Which was only the beginning of his challenges.

Do you feel like you get walked on all the time? Do you wish to take back the narrative of your life? Do you want a simple plan to make this happen? Enter No More Mr Nice Guy. Don’t neglect your own needs any longer, trying to please everyone else. Here is your simple guild to make that happen. Many read it more than once, continually getting information to better themselves.

And when you get done with NMMNG, or you really want to overload yourself to change, get 31 Days to Masculinity. This is like pumping steroids into your very character to force change. It is a book of action. Many are not ready to dive down the rabbit holes; this book will send you down to better yourself. 

 When you finish both of these books, take a month off for action, reread, and do them again. The beginning of your change will be off to a great start.

You’re on the way to fixing yourself, and you have lingering thoughts that seem to pop up and plague you. Often wondering the why. It is time for you to read Iron John. I feel if men read this one before, fixing themselves in many areas will be discredited. However, once you see your change’s effects to be more masculine, a leader, a man of free will. You will find the missing puzzle pieces.

Men need to learn to adapt simultaneously and be true themselves as we grow and learn. Honor, virtue, integrity is hard-won and takes time to learn. The story of Scaramouche is a roller coaster of a swashbuckling adventure. Riding the tides of what is thrown at you in life and always coming out on top.

Some men have had hard lives and wonder why they should continue to go on. Often thinking they are the only ones with these problems or people don’t understand. They do not wish to show weakness. Many days we need to know there are others out there who can help. Pick up Resilience, and if you get nothing else from to that, you can reach out.

Many men struggle with their finances. The main reasons for this, we were either taught wrong if taught at all. We self-sacrifice, thinking everything is more significant than ourselves. When we should be looking at taking care of ourselves first, then everyone else. The Richest Man In Babylon may very well be the best finance mindset book I have ever read.

You may or may not have heard of The 48 Laws of Power. Here is my takeaway. This book is not about what you should be. It is more of how to deal with people that you will meet in life. It can prepare you for the power plays that people like to play. Giving you insight on how to tread lightly or, in some cases, like a bull in a china cabinet through society. Know what your up against is a useful tool.

A good start

This is not an exhaustive list, more a list to get you going. These books will challenge the way you think. Stories with wisdom intertwined into characters and their masculinity. Guidebooks of actions to take, for, without effort, you stay the same.

What are some of your favorite books on the philosophy of masculinity? Leave them below in the comments.

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Start down the path of changing your life. If you have taken that first step, excellent, continue to grow.

Be a Barbarian.


Bonus Edit:
Another book that comes highly recommended The Way of the Superior Man. I have added this to my list of books I should read.


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