10 Relationship Books In The Challenge Of Life

by Oct 1, 2020


In today’s work, we are faced with all types of relationships. Most often, when thinking of books to read, it is information on the opposite sex. Be it getting a girl for the first time or what comes after the wedding day. Waking up one morning, realizing your marriage sucks.

Unless you are locked away in a room with no way to the outside world. You are continually interacting with all types of relationships—both with men and women, family, friends, strangers. In work and in play, there is constant interaction with others.

There are thousands of books on building these relations. Here are a few top suggestions, covering a range of thought. I am skipping to adulthood; I think some of these books could be read and understood by teens. At a later time, I will look list book for dealing with children’s interactions.

Books on Relationships

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

 I recently finish Influence, and my biggest takeaway was how much of the information I already knew and unconsciously fought against daily. Always trying to decide if I choose or if and outside source helps persuade me. Ever wondered how many of your choices are influenced by another? This is the book to start with.

The Appearance of Power: How Masculinity is Expressed Through Aesthetics

Something that is often overlooked is style. Now I am not saying go all hipster, greaser, stiff look—however, your appearance matters. You want to be treated better? Then you need to dress better. That can be as simple as wearing a nice t-shirt with no holes or rips that fit well and a pair of good blue jeans. If you look like shit, you are going to be treated like shit from the average encounter. Look at the attitude behind why you dress the way you do.

Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen

We often wander through life with no real course of action doing what others tell us. Instead of opening doors for ourselves, we wait on others to do that. If you want to be more than average, you have to get out of your comfort zones and make that happen, not something ordinary people wish to do.

When I Say No, I Feel Guilty

Amazes me how many will just say yes to someone to appease them and not deal with conformation. Much as people may grumble, no one really likes a yes man. Not your girl, wife, kids, those your work with, even your boss, those that want yes men around them are tyrants that think of you as more of a slave than anything else.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Following up on how to say no. How do you influence those around you? My first book pick also digs into this. Looking at both sides of the coin, you will see many common parrels through these books on dealing with people, both good and bad.

Heartiste On Game

Yes, a book on “game.” Now, in my opinion, “game” is merely confidence rebranded. That is ok, something to think about anytime you read the word “game” in this reference, reread the sentence with confidence; almost always fits well. Now, why a book on “game”? Yeah, I know PUA has a bad rap, and that is fine. I am not going to suggest that to you. Though what I will tell is that you learn to have confidence with your woman. It is severally lacking in today’s world. You can learn much from those that practiced “game” in the dating culture. For really, is that not where the fun is. You can make a lifetime of it into your marriage.

The Book Of Pook

Another solid book inline with bettering yourself in your interactions. Much of the work we need to do is internal. Once this is fixed, it will naturally flow out on the external side of things. Read with an open mind, take notes, and let the change begin.

Exhausted Wives, Bewildered Husbands: Why your marriage is hurting, and how to blossom as a couple

Let switch gears a moment. You love your wife, yet you just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. An endless cycle of pain, can’t get on the same train at the same time to work together to better your marriage. Its time to view the other side of the relationship and see how they feel. If you have tackled some of the previous books, EWBH will fill in some of the missing pieces to you salvaging your marriage if it can be, and you want to.

3 Weeks To a Stronger Marriage

Your marriage is good, just not great. The fire has seemed to have died. You need a bit of spark to rekindle the relationship once again. It is time to take action for the marriage you want, you read and see others have. It takes effort, it is a challenge, it is worth it. Work together to become stronger, have more fun, and have the most intimate marriage ever.

Romeo and Juliet

You can laugh. However, if you are a parent and never read Romeo and Juliet, you miss out on a critical lesson of life in dealing with your children as they enter the relationship era of their life. In Influence, the first book on the list talks about how parents’ disdain for someone their child has an interest in will often drive them into arms even more. Especially when it comes to daughters. 

I wonder how many young relationships would never have gone past a few weeks if not for their parents saying no.

Wrapping Up

Once again, this list is no way exhaustive of what is on the market. I think these books cover everything you need from working on getting your first girl, marriage with both ups and the down, to dealing with those in your business life. 

 The most significant theme to take away from these books is to take action, be confident, find your mission, and let it be your driving force.

Written by Nathan
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