31 Years Of Blood Sweat & Tears-What I Learned

by Oct 7, 2019


Thirty-one years I have been paying taxes on my income. On one had that seems a long time in my short life, compare to some of my friends that is nothing.  Just over three decades though, I have been paying taxes longer than many who read this have been alive. I often get question of what do, I do, or what have you done. Well this will be a bit of resume laying on my time of line of work I have done and thing I believe I am qualified to talk about. It is a varied life of work and experiences. Only thing I have can say I have mastered is a nack for tearing thing apart then fixing them, sometimes making them better. Grab a cup of coffee sit back for a bit of a read.

The year 1988, I turned fourteen and started my first job that I had to pay taxes for. Before this I had done odd jobs and earned cash like most kids did back in the eighties. Mostly on ice cream and books. I may ramble now and then through don’t worry more post to come in the future on some eras of my time.

I took a job working in the kitchen of church camp. Well where is a good place to put a fourteen-year boy full of himself with too much energy. Well in pots and pans of course. Hot sweaty work. I came to love it. I ate like a king, which good cause I was burning the calories. Many never think of this all food was made it what I washed and in kitchen not everything was scrape clean. People would complain they didn’t get something cause they where not at the beginning of the chow line. I would chuckle because I was snacking on it. This job was long hours, I am sure by todays standards I was breaking some rules working so many hours, but I didn’t care I was getting a paycheck and I was loving it. Life was good.

The skills and work ethic I learned unbeknownst to me would carry through years of work both good and bad. I look back and even think how cleaning showers in gym back then. Yes, I didn’t only do pots and pans. Would help me when I went off to boot camp years later. That is what young men don’t realize, skill sets you keep building on. They don’t just disappear, though may get a little rusty if not practiced.

I think for many their first job sticks in the mind, good – bad – otherwise. Something changes when you get a paycheck, specially when you see how much come out in taxes. Things that you have been taught finally start to sink into your thick skull and opens another world. After this first summer I went back to school with a sense of accomplishment. Many young people goof their summer away learning nothing. Today finding this type of work for our youth is becoming harder. Harder I said not impossible. There is still many jobs one may do. This should be instilled at young age. Now what type of work they should be doing well that is different story one that I may go into another time, for my viewpoint has changed as I have aged on this.

I shall end this first one here, I think the first year of work is important it sets the stage.
Till next time.

Agnitio Veritas Macto

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