7 Books: Take Your Leadership Skill To The Next Level

by Oct 8, 2020

I don’t want to be a leader, ha too bad at some point you will likely be one. Are you planning on having a wife and family one day? Have you thought of going into the military? Play on any sports teams or let us hit closer to home, playing Xbox or PlayStation multiplayer; someone needs to lead, and we have not even started talking about the workforce. 

As a man, you will need to lead. It is a part of man’s job, his function in life. The early you start learning to be a leader, the better off you will be. It is not a matter of if only when. The best way for you to discover good leadership skills is from your father, who hopefully is a good leader. 

We have to be realistic and know that many fathers are not the best leaders even if they are present. I am not chasing down the rabbit hole of absentee fathers today. Next, even if your father was a good leader of the family, there are many different leadership roles in the world we live in, and each one has there nuances, with all of them having core concepts. 

Leadership Books

Let’s take a look at some books. Something to realize is that they do not have to be a textbook style to educate you in leadership. I believe stories can often convey what a textbook cant. And remember, action wins over words. 

Battle Mage

A sword and sorcery book that I recently finished caught my attention so well I was hard-pressed to set it down. The story is about youths coming of age and there training. Some become officers in the army, others knights, and then you have dragon mage & mage. They have to learn to be leaders and make hard decisions. 

I Have the Watch

From learning leadership on a nuclear sub when there is no downtime Jon S Rennie takes that knowledge and applies to the corporate world. Learn to become a leader worth following, not just a shitty one with a title. 

Tools of Titans

Do you want to up your game to the next level? Then you need to be continually be reading on what successful leaders are doing. What tactics that used, what have they learned, what mistakes they made that you might be able to avoid. 

The Art of War

I chuckle when someone I have recommended this book says they don’t want to learn about swordsmanship. If that is all you see in this book, then you have a lot to learn. Slow down, read it in smaller bits, and think I want Sun Tzu is genuinely trying to teach. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The book has been around for thirty years and lasted for a good reason. At some point, you should pick it up and read if you have not done so far; if you are reading this and under the age of 23, I will excuse you. The insights that you will receive will carry with you through your lifetime.

First, Break All the Rules

Are you looking to move up into a management job? You just got your first management job? Are you looking to become a better manager? You have to break the rules, plain and simple. Most of what you learn in school is a theory that does not hold up in the real marketplace. Often the best mangers are ones that developed skils as they go with no formal education. The best ones continuing succeed. 

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

One of the great books of knowledge and life lessons is The Bible. Now take The Bible and break it down into Laws for Leadership; you get right into the meat of studies portrayed. Dig into the workbook, take action, and will come out a better leader when done. 

 The Wrap Up

Do you need to read every one of these books and then find ten more? No, you don’t. Picking a couple up and reading them, though, will help you grow as a leader. Take the time to continue to educate yourself to be better. Do not forget reading will only take you so far. You need to take what you have read and start to implement and take action. 

Written by Nathan
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