Bard’s Corner 055

by Nov 22, 2020

The Bard is one who brings tales in the form of stories, poetry, and song. Dating back to a time when learning was of a primal nature. Today we have the written word along with both the visual and audio mediums once again.


Neo & Tyler: Virtue & Vice (Daniel Mason) – Charles Sledge
The Matters w/ Matt: My Startless Love – FreeMatt Podcast
Why you should train like a strongman – Didact
Boot Camp – The Compass and Rudder
Exploring Personal Mythologies– Samuel
Solomon as Lancelot: Song of Solomon viewed through the lens of chivalry/courtly love. – Dalrock
How To Set Up Your Subconscious for Success – Selfconquering
Let’s Talk About SEX – Into the Wilderness


Barbarian Rhetoric – Nathan
Rolling Rocks Radio – Scott and Jerry
Hard Men – Eric Conn
Deep Leadership – Jon S Rennie
Logocentrifugal – Chance Lunceford 
Play It Again with Mike and Ginger 
Western Resistance – Charlie Delto
Troublesome Truths – Kyle Trouble
The Scholars & Iron Podcast – Joe
The Family Alpha– Zac
The Wholehearted Man – John Due

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