Our 2 Party Political System Names Should Be Changed

by Nov 17, 2020

Bending rules

I am not huge into politics, following it only enough to know what is going. Being too oblivious can be as dangerous as centering your life all around it. I have avoided modern politics on BR; this is by design for the rabbit holes of politics usually end in bad things. Every once in a while, you need to bend the rules; this is one of those days.

There has been a march through all the different systems in the USA. Schools, and the government, the most significant two of a liberal take over. Not new information unless you have had your head in the sand. Schooling has been a significant factor in the trickle-down effect on government and corporations, which then feeds back into a vicious circle.

The slow march has been on purpose and with design. Like a virus, the mindset has evolved and changed on its own over time. Continuing to feed itself garbage, it continues to get worse every year. Until a time like we see now in history. It has broken out of hiding and is blatantly thrown into everyone’s face, then pounded daily on people’s mental capacities, working to make people conform.

Two parties

Here in the USA, we have the republican and democrat parties, with some other smaller parties that are hardly blips on the radar. And even then, I think many still will end up voting red or blue on a federal level, knowing that their votes will not matter otherwise.

What many people I think miss currently is thinking that we have two staunchly different parties. Which have different mindsets in the way they do business and govern, and one time in the past, they may have.

Like other systems, there has been a march not so much through the republican party, but the democratic one. It is blatant for anyone that looks hard enough at how it has changed. You missed the change over because they have hidden inside old terminology.

What we have now

We still have two parties, but we should be calling them the Liberal Party and the Democrat Party. The Republican Party of old is dead. I would say the last actual republican president would be Ronald Regan, and with him being an actor, you could almost argue he was the first Democrat to jump parties to win.

Today the liberals have taken over and pushed Democrats out of the party. You would think the liberals would start their own and run with it. That is not how they work; they would rather hide behind a screen and take over an organized establishment for that easier than starting from scratch.

Now hardcore democrats are fighting within their party so hard they are going wtf I will jump over to the republican side. There is no one to run against me then. They shift a few words and twisting truths enough to sound like they are against the liberals/Dems’ politics.


Well, if you have wondered why they all seem to be the same party, it is because you can now see to a certain extent they are. They wish to usher in a time of social equality across the board. We keep going down this deep rabbit hole. That history repeatedly shows to fail every time. It can not last, and it is not sustainable. Yet, some would like to ride the wave once again.

But wait, you say, what about the Bush Sr and Jr? Dig into their policies and agendas. Not what they said but what they did or, even worse, not do. To me, both of them have more of an old school democrat behaviors more so than republican ones, right along with Trump.

Obama was the first full-on liberal president, and probably the smoothest speaking one since Regan. Now before Reagan, I will leave other political historians to argue if presidents like Ford, Nixon, and Eisenhower were truly republican or not.

Question then

What can we do as an average American citizen? A similar question was asked of me the other day. It could apply even to other countries, going to stick to my own, though.

At the federal level, there is very little we can do. Corporations with their lobbyists have it tied up pretty good. You want to make changes at the federal level. You need to grow a business or an organization large enough to fund the lobbyists needed and pay the bribe money to make things happen.

Once you step off the federal level, now is the time when your vote matters more. The governor on down you have more control over what happens, what laws get passed. The lobbying groups can be smaller and get more done at the state level of governance.

The biggest difference

Now you want to make a big difference; the local government is the place to make that happen. If you are tackling the city of Chicago, it will be a bit of a challenge. However, as the cities get smaller in size down to villages, it is easier to effect change.

You can say the same about counties; yes, population matters Cook county has its challenges; it holds Chicago, get outside of that county, and populations start to drop off quickly.

You have a choice where you live. Depending on how much you want to get involved with the local government might be a deciding factor. You wish to start making changes. You need to work from the lower rings and then start to move up the ladder. The local laws affect you the most. People typically do not think about this. The average American barely notices most federal laws at the end of the day.


Many of the laws you live by daily are local laws, often blamed on the federal government. In comparison, the feds offer guild lines to how things should be done. They are not laws, which people miss; they are guidelines for the state and local governments.

It is easier to pass the blame along to an entity that could careless than to take responsibility. Politicians want to get voted in again, and for that, they are more than willing to pass the buck.

I work hard to keep my grumblings to a minimum, simply because I don’t want to get involved in politics. I think many of us are of like mind with this. However, if you are not willing to get involved, then you need to keep your mouth shut with your laws and rules are passed that you don’t like. You didn’t get out and vote. Well, that is on you; maybe you should have gotten your vote in. You didn’t up against asinine rules, then don’t be surprised when they heap more on.

Written by Nathan
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