Here are quick links to Articles Myself, and those that have written for Barbarian Rhetoric.
Many writers have websites also if you are interested in reading even more from them.

NathanEditor in Chief of Barbarian Rhetoric

Alexander Reich Self Conquering

Andrew Loeschner

AnthonyPeaceful Fathers

AvtoritetKGB DNA -The Avtoritet

Benjamin George


Bronson Lee Norton Hellrune


Charles Franklin

Charles Sledge

Craig JamesMasculine by Design

ChrisThe Strong Male

David F. A.


Graeme This Is Graeme


Jayson the ArgonautMission is Legacy


Joel Blanton

J. M. Shoemaker


LucaLogik Fitness

MattFree Matt Podcasts

Michael CooperCharllie Delto

Michael Kane

NickGround Shark Coffee

PadrePrimitive Christianity



RyanPath to Manliness

Samuel Thorp

Scott Barker

Scott Ortlip

The Divorce Warrior

Veljko UskovicThe Wolf With A Keyboard

Zac SmallThe Family Alpha

The Jarl

The Jarl

A man of passion and of vision.

Nathan leads his clan of barbarians into the modern world with one quest for his horde.

To seize back their lands from modern society.

To return our families to the values that once enhanced our lives to the greatest heights it had ever known.