The 4 Destiny-Conquering Tools A Man Needs NO MATTER WHAT

by Jan 21, 2020

Semper Fortis (Always Strong)

Our Common Bond: Everybody Lives…Everybody Dies

No matter what kind of man you are, no matter what kind of label you give yourself, no matter where you live or what time you live in it……there is one thing that binds us together: mortality

While being mortal is great, it comes with drawbacks. We are creatures limited by time. We get wear and tear. We gain and we lose. We die.

For some men, the realization of mortality drives us to hedonism. We try to get as much as we can while we can. More money, more cars, more titles, more everything.

For other men, the realization of mortality drive us to nihilism. We try to forget ourselves as much as possible. Drugs, sex, whatever.

Still for other men, this realization drive us to mediocrity. We try to fit in like everyone else. “I’m just an average guy.”

But, to me, mortality offers something more powerful, destiny. Within the years we are allowed to live, we have the ability to actively create something that we get to shape each and every day with each and every decision.

That is a powerful thing…and a thing that every man has access to.

Basic Tools of Destiny: Creating a Better Life Anytime and Anywhere

Here’s what I mean.

Every man, no matter if he is homeless or king, has access to 4 tools to control his destiny:

  • Time
  • Body (Fitness, Nutrition, Sexual Energy Rest)
  • Talents
  • Thoughts

These cannot be taken away from him, no matter what happens.

No matter what you win in life (money, relationships, jobs, cars, etc.) or lose in life (getting fired or laid off, losing the love of your life, getting divorced, etc.), you are still left with those four tools.

But most of us don’t actively tap into the power of these four tools. We do what we’ve always done.

We don’t examine our priorities so we end up with the same overcrowded to-do lists (while downloading the latest “productivity” app)

We don’t exercise because we don’t have time (even though we’re surrounded daily with messages to exercise) and end more and more out of shape

We don’t manage our sexual energy and get lost in a world of porn, cheating, and fake digital sex.

We don’t manage our money and end up in debt, .

All of this because we don’t realize the power that we have. We have the power to choose our destiny.

I’ve learned from men who have been in the most extreme environments you can think of (slavery, Holocaust death camps, death row) who have made use of these 4 tools to control their destiny. Even if they couldn’t change their circumstances, they changed who they were in those circumstances by making one choice differently and acting on it.

That’s it.

Why Destiny is Not Fate: Changing Your Life on a Day-to-Day Basis

We often assume that a person’s destiny is impacted by their circumstances. To an extent it is, but a greater power lies within those circumstances.

What a man does where he is, matters more than where he is at.

This power is available to us any time we want.

This is the pitfall of the hedonist, nihilist, or the mediocre man. They waste their time on Earth chasing things, running away from things, or getting approval. Men who own their destiny realize they only need to chase what’s already inside of them.

Don’t like the life you’re living right now? Make your big plans to change it, but focus more on the small habits that will support those habits. Focus on the four tools to help you change your life.

Focus on how you spend your time (and make sure it aligns with your goals).

Focus on how you treat your body

Focus on how you develop your gifts

Focus on the words you tell yourself.

Get those 4 things aligned and you will be able to transform your life wherever you are to do whatever it is you have to do.

– – Charles Franklin
Twitter @hustle4better
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