What Is Your Child Doing – Ignorance Is No Excuse

by May 18, 2020

Im frustrated 

I look around and I see vulgarity everywhere.

I see children as young as 12 sexualizing their barely developed bodies because it is the “popular” thing to do.

Seventh grade girls, giving blowjobs to boys their age because they think that is what they have to do in order to “fit in” and get boys to like them. 

Boys just as young who have already bought into the narrative of “I’ll do anything to get my dick wet”

I’m frustrated.

I see girls who are freshmen in high school, getting drunk at football games because they think alcohol is required for a good time.

Boys that same age smoking weed under the bleachers. Half of them are thinking about using steroids so they can earn that starting spot on the varsity team.

I’m frustrated.

Girls are graduating from high school with a body count that would repulse their grandmothers. Their mothers know about it, but “there’s no stopping her”

Boys are graduating, but they have no drive or determination. They sit in their parents’ basement, jerking off to free porn on the internet and gaining weight.

I’m frustrated.

Those same girls go on to graduate from college, but only after gaining 30 pounds, having doubled, or even tripled, her body count, and consumed enough alcohol and cocaine to subdue a herd of cattle.

Those boys might graduate from college if they are lucky. If they do, they are not men yet. They do not know how to lead, have no real moral compass, and their only ambition is getting plastered the next day.

I’m frustrated.

By the time these characters hit 30, they have probably got kids that belong to a couple different people. The women might not even know which kid is from which guy. The men likely have kids they do not know about. They are all living paycheck to paycheck, probably relying on the next welfare check. They are wearing a Gucci belt though. 

You see, these “characters” aren’t characters at all. They’re real people, and I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes on numerous occasions. My best friend was getting blowjobs from girls in 7th grade. A guy I wrestled with was trying to get steroids when he was a freshman. I’ve carried drunk dudes’ home from football games, and I’ve driven them to their baby momma’s house to see their kid before we graduated. I have watched young men, with their whole lives ahead of them and a world of potential, throw it all away because they’d rather sit at home and masturbate, selling drugs on the side.

In February, my wrestling partner from high school killed himself. He fell into this exact trap that I am writing about today.

But this is not the only way.

You can escape the cycle.

The secret lies in wanting MORE. More for yourself, more for those around you, and more for your children and their future.

Men: you don’t need to settle for a mediocre life. In fact, life is so much better and enjoyable when you are actively pursuing goals. Women notice, you learn to appreciate the little things, and the overall quality of life increases dramatically. It starts with hard work. Go get a job, ideally a hard, physically demanding job. Learn how much it sucks to carry shingles, run a jackhammer, or lay blacktop. Then work on getting out of that situation. Set your goals, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, and CREATE a better life for yourself. 

Women: you don’t need to settle for meaningless sex and cheap thrills. You’ve probably already figured out that attention from men isn’t hard to come by, but is it the right attention? Or is he just trying to get in your pants? You’re selling yourself short every time you associate with someone who thinks of you as nothing more than a “booty call”. Increase your value, stop sleeping around, and I promise that the quality of your relationships will increase.

Parents: what is your child doing in school? Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what they’re doing in the classroom, they would still be ok if they didn’t learn a single thing. But their social time, and their at-home time, certainly does matter. Ask them who their friends are. What do their friends do for fun? Do they still think that the opposite sex has “cooties”? Are you teaching them about sex, or are they picking it up from the other kids around them? What do they know about drugs and alcohol? Do they know the consequences of their actions?

Remember that there is a fine line between protective and overbearing, but there is no such thing as being “too involved”. Your child should have no secrets, and no topic should be off limits.

It could be the difference between life and death.


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