Where Have All The Great Men Gone?

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Where have all the men gone? Perhaps it’s the recent birth of my son, maturity as I get older, or a combination of the two, but I find myself examining our world and thinking about this quite often. It seems universally accepted that most generations feel the one coming up after them are “softer” or have had an easier go of it than they did.

Never mind the fact they, themselves, are the ones who raised said generation, but that’s another article for another time. With that said, it does appear “men” are becoming softer and weaker in both a physical & mental capacity.

According to a study conducted by the CDC in 2016, 71.6% of adults 20 and over were considered overweight. Of those considered overweight, 39.8% were deemed obese. The study also found very little distinguishment between men and women. While the intent of this article is not to focus on our nation’s health concerns, I do believe it reflects the weakened mental state of men.


When I was a child, my father taught me a very important lesson. He explained to me from the time I was able to truly understand the difference between right and wrong that I was also old enough to be held accountable for my actions. He taught me no matter how much I gain in this world, it can all be taken, and none of it can be taken with me when my life is over.

He taught me the one thing no one can take from me is my “word,” and the value of that was worth more than any possession. In leading by example, he showed me the value of honor, respect, hard work, and taking care of those you love. I see a huge void in society in regards to these virtues. Long gone are the days when men built their lives around an ethos. Instead, they have gravitated towards distractions that allow them to escape the very things that will give their life the most fulfillment.

I believe the level of fulfillment one obtains is a reflection of the struggle associated with the task. For example, I’ve seen countless professional athletes brought to tears after winning a championship, parents who cry with joy as their children graduate from respective levels of academia, and entrepreneurs launching the product they’ve been developing for years.

Greater Than

All of these people have not only committed themselves to a goal but the positive impact it will have on those around them. This type of hard work isn’t always convenient, and I guarantee you sacrifices will be made to accomplish anything worth telling your grandchildren about.

Unfortunately, most people never commit to something so much larger than themselves. Instead, most people’s main goal is to live a life of convenience. In an effort to manufacture convenience, I fear we may be delivering weakness directly to our front doors.

The greater the commitment, the greater the level of accountability will be that comes along with it. When a man marries his wife, he’s making one of the biggest commitments of his life. The same can be said for the children they produce together.

Change The Future

Unfortunately, this is where most men are failing miserably. There’s no one there to hold them accountable, and they aren’t doing it themselves. In a society with an ever-increasing lack of accountability, I see a parallel in the spike of men filled with grandiose narcissism.

Because they have little to no authentic connection with those around them, they lack self-awareness of how they truly measure up. In a country full of men focused on “me,” there’s an enormous need for men with the “we” mentality.

Men, our country, our wives, and our children need you to find yourselves again. Do not settle for a mediocre life. Be unwavering in keeping your word to yourself and others. To hell with “toxic masculinity.”

Men Lead From The Front

This is not to say there aren’t lost boys portraying themselves as men in this matter, but in my opinion, this is a result of “men” losing sight of what it truly means to be a man. Despite what society tries to tell you, it’s not ok to be weak. Do not confuse this statement with the mentality of a meathead.

You must rise before the sun and attack the day with a type of passion and fury the likes of which you’ve never seen. Train your mind, body, and spirit; watch how quickly your life changes. Be a man who leads from the front instead of a lazy slob on the couch cracking the whip of insecurity.

Lead from the front, play with your children, do chores around the house, feed the baby in the night, cook dinner, GET OFF YOUR ASS! Do these things, and you’ll be amazed by how quickly your wife and children develop a new level of respect and admiration for you.

All of this is inside of you, and you’re capable of far more than you realize. Over thousands of years, your bloodline now depends on you. Don’t disrespect those before you by failing those after you.

Cody Carter
Twitter @Carter88Cody

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