Barbarian Rhetoric

Barbarians are working to ingrain the savage life, through written and spoken word.

I started this blog with the thought of a father leaving notes for his son. This was not enough. Over the first couple of years, Barbarian Rhetoric has evolved and continues to evolve. I work to fill a need that I see missing, not only with thoughts to fatherless men but to the barbaric mindset as a whole. We bring viewpoints from men around the world.

Over 30 writers have contributed to these halls, with more men adding their thoughts. With over 200 articles on stoicism, humor, fitness, spirituality, and other barbaric thoughts of men. Everything is on the table except modern politics, which is a rabbit hole of insanity.

What has shaped much of my mindset over the years is my work history. I have been involved in the trades since I started working many years ago. My series starts here: 31 Years Of Blood Sweat & Tears-What I Learned

There are times when others capture what you are going for better than oneself. I have admired for years the writing of Charles Sledge. His wordsmithing inspires me in my writing. He wrote the article: Reclaiming Your Inner  Barbarian, a piece that captures much of essence what I am striving for here in these halls.


Barbaric Soap is my first venture into online sales. In my search for soap for men, I found what I was looking for and wanted to bring it to other men. This soap simply gets me clean, with scents made for men. These are scents that you can enjoy while showering yet not smell all day long. Allowing you to put on your favorite cologne when you are done with your morning routine.


Affiliates help keep my halls open. Neat thing; affiliates they cost you nothing. I simply get some kickback if you decide to purchase their products.

First, I would like to introduce Bophades Tasty Nuts. Everyone needs a good snack while reading their favorite blog. Their humor and lack of being PC won me over, and it is great to work with other veterans.


My thought on social media: if you are not selling something on it, then stay off it. Simply put, being a consumer on social media is wasted time. With HypeFury, you get one of the newest and best tools to help you stay active on Twitter without being there all the time. I have gone from spending hours a day online to using Twitter for less than 30 mins a day.

The team at HypeFury continues to upgrade and add to the platform creating an excellent platform to work on.


Writing skills not quite up to par, I know that feeling. Enter Grammarly it has become an excellent tool in writing clearer and more precise. User friendly, working smoothly across different platforms. Editing made simple and keep the costs down.


I think each man needs other men to hold him accountable. Such a group may have many names: tribe, clan, order, fraternity. NO matter which name you use, you are stronger with a group than you are when constantly going it alone.

I belong to the Fraternity of Excellence

The Fraternity has done much for me since I have joined, I have met Great Men, online and in person. We have weekly video conference calls throughout the week and it does not stop there. We move beyond the pixels with real-life meetups. You will shake a man’s hand and look him the eye. You can see that he is what he says he is. We are from all over the world and from different walks of life. We have come together to better ourselves and the ones we call brothers.

In the Fraternity of Excellence, -I am a Team Leader & Event Coordinator. I have been around these halls for a bit. If you have some questions for me, reach out and let’s talk.


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The Jarl

The Jarl

A man of passion and of vision.

Nathan leads his clan of barbarians into the modern world with one quest for his horde.

To seize back their lands from modern society.

To return our families to the values that once enhanced our lives to the greatest heights it had ever known.