Hire Out Tasks To Get More Time And Money

by Jan 13, 2020

I have been doing oil changes in vehicles for thirty years. I have always done my own. I have the tools, the know-how, and the time. The thing is, there comes a time when doing your oil change becomes a waste of your time. Don’t get me wrong. I think that every man should know how to change their oil in any vehicle they own. You should look up the directions and do it once for each vehicle you acquire. The question arises: what is that time and hassle worth to you?

You might be a tinkerer, and in that case, it is a relaxation from the norm. You may work in some sort of shop and find it easy to pull it in and knock it out so that it’s barely a blip on your day. That’s how it has been for me until this past year.

What does it take to do an oil change? You need the proper tools, as the newer cars are starting to take specialty ones nowadays (stupid if you ask me). You need something to catch the oil, something to clean up any mess, and – most important – a way to dispose of the oil properly. This all sounds simple. It was easy to write out. Now, let’s actually do it. Not blessed with having access to or your own personal lift? Now you have to look at where you are going to do it. Is your driveway or garage a place you can do this? More tools are needed: jack, jack stands (yes, you should have safety in place), etc. I prefer concrete to jack up a car or truck, even though that has not always been the case. I mentioned safety earlier. After you have seen a man have a car drop on him, you realize how necessary safety is.

A simple oil change become a more complex thing if you don’t have everything that is necessary.  Ok, you don’t have everything, and you’re right that I said that you should change the oil at least once yourself. Well, this is where you need that friend, brother, pal that does do it for living or is a tinkerer, ask them for help. Working with other men can be a pleasure, a bonding experience. That would save you all the cost of equipment and your friend will most likely have everything to catch and dispose of the oil properly.

Now it comes down to time. Is it truly worth your time to do said oil change?  Ate you really saving money if you do it yourself? You could argue that part of it is the satisfaction of doing it yourself – I will give you this one. However, when we are looking at your return on investment – of time vs money – and looking at the “savings.” Which is why most men do their own oil changes. I would argue that you need to truly look at that return on investment.

No shop, no tools. Possibly, not even a person you can go over to do it with. The average home oil change can take anywhere from thirty minutes to hour of time. I am counting chasing down parts, jacking the car up in the driveway, and clean up and disposal. Looking at the full scope of this now, you have more time and money invested. The part that is usually left out of deciding whether or not you should do you own oil change.

On the one hand, depending on what your work is, you can make more money per hour than what it cost to get it done. Now, let’s forget about money for a moment and look at the time. What could be better done with that time? Could you make a few more calls for work? Could you knock out some work on the computer?  Spend more time with the family? All things to think about.

This thought can be applied to many things in life – not just oil changes. At the end of the day, what is you time worth? You’re working your ass off – for what? This is something that needs to be looked at in the things you do. Take stock of all the activities that you engage in and determine what the value of those activities are.

That extra hour you save having someone else do the work could give you a extra hour each night with your son. You could also look at that hour as time spent with you son teaching him. There is no black and white answer to this. More importantly, be cognizant of why you choose to do or not to do an activity. Make the most of you time in an intentional way makes for a more fulfilling life.

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