How To: Empire Building Made Easy

by Jun 8, 2020

Not all men build their own empire, some men were given one. The problem these men often have is they do not appreciate what they were given. Whereas a man that started from the bottom and work his way to the top appreciates what he has worked his ass off for.

I could be surprised; however, I am willing to bet for the most part the men reading Barbarian Rhetoric are men that have worked from the bottom up and have or still building their empires.

Now starting off in my working career I would say I was held back. Mostly for not knowing any better and not looking how I could change. I went with what I knew. Working with my hands and becoming a tradesman. Like most of my family. I did not go into the military till later in life, because those who I listened to at the time advised against it.

If you want to move up a step you need to look at the men ahead of you. That is what I finally realized in my own life. That the only way for me to grow and get what I wanted was to find the type of men that are doing what I am going after. I had to a certain extent exhausted those around me for knowledge and I had become stagnant.

Your empire might be wishing to live in the woods alone from all civilization and if that is the case good for you. I would say most of you are wanting more out of life. Possibly sons to carry your name into the future. Do not hold yourself back by saying this is a good as it gets. In can get better, you have to put the work in to make that happen.

The first step of building an Empire

Starting off at the bottom and putting blood, sweat, and tears in of learning. There is no jumping from 0-100 and to often this is what I see of those around me trying to do. They want that magic pill or wave a magic wand. I am even guilty of this in my younger years.

You do not simple go from sea level and start climbing 14000 peaks you will fail. Possibly even death. You need to start training the body to able to take the physical demand that are going to be put on you.

For you may have the body of a barbarian, you need the mind of a scholar. You need to start reading and strengthening the mind for what lays ahead of you. Learning the skills that are needed to get to the next level of empire building.

Brawn and knowledge will only take you so far, you need your spirit drive you for when the times become rough. When you know you are over you head in what you are doing. Calm under pressure relying on skills & body you have trained.

The second step of building an Empire

Finding those that have gone before you. Learning from them information that they have put out in the variety of formats. With the greatest of these finding a man that is building his empire and is willing to mentor you along your rise.

Do not despair if you do not find a mentor at first, their time is valuable and often they want to know a person is serious. How do you prove your seriousness? simply by putting the time in an do the research. With each tidbit of knowledge, you will be stronger in going after what you seek.

Once you start to obtain the knowledge and skill its time to put it into action. This is a key point when many drop the ball. They have spent hours of their life studying on how to move up to the next step and stop. Instead they chase something else, never accomplishing anything besides becoming an educated idiot with no practical knowledge for taking action.

The third step of building an Empire

Along with action comes the discipline to see it through to great success or failure. Failure which in itself become a lesson in growth. This is the exciting time, this is usually when a mentor finds you, sees the energy that is burning bright as you are working to excel.
Like a snowball rolling down a hill becoming a giant ball. Success breeds success as you continue building your own personal empire.

The steps from here on out never end, growth never stops unless you allow it to. Find a group of men that will hold you accountable, cheer you on, be there for you at low points to give you a hand back up.

Find those who are at the next step from you and learn from them. For they are doing the same thing. They have already figured it out and looking to the man ahead of them on the ladder going up.

It does not mater

You may think reading this I am talking of conquering the world. No, I am talking about conquering your world and creating your own empire. That may entail finding a nice farm and living off grid. Living in a van traveling the country doing odd jobs. Living in a city center where all the action is. Traveling the world or creating the next biggest company the world has seen.

Making a 1000 a month to make making a 1000 a day, to making 10,000 a day while you sleep. That is something for you decide and what level would make you happy. Support your lifestyle that you want, not one the society says you need.

It does not matter what society says you are supposed to be go out and build you own empire.

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