I Used Trucking To See This Beautiful Country

by Jan 7, 2020

The Great American Highway system, between my travel for fun & for work I have covered a good portion of it across the states. I can some of it is a pleasure to drive down enjoying the scenery as I go. Then you have the roads that you think your teeth and being shaken out of your head. This truly is a beautiful country and if you have not traveled by road a few times then you are missing out. There is so much to see that we are passing by at 70 mph all the time that we never take time to stop and enjoy a few mins here and there.

The late 90s I got my commercial driving license and started by going over the road. Not know exactly what I wanted I bounce around some in the industry, I only drove dry vans for the most part. Running dedicated stop and goes, regional over the road, team cross country. Trucking has taken me to all the boarders and beyond.  A few runs up into Canada down to the Mexican border. This all before all the crazy of nine eleven.

I have seen forty-seven of the states. I am missing Hawaii, Alaska, and Maine. At first in my travels I was learning and always on the go. Working to figure out my rhythm as I went. The more I drove the more I realized that I was pass by a lot of cool stuff. I started working to get deliveries to placed I wanted to see. I would work breaks and down times so I could go see the sites that this country has to offer. Needless to say, I have seen most of all the big national sites. I have been to some cool landmarks.

Now trucking is not for everyone and now in the roaring 20s I don’t feel it’s the same at all. I believe I was at the very end of when trucking was at its peak, of strong men doing a job that few other could do. It still is a hard job but in a different way. The equipment has gotten easier to drive, anyone can do it now. Shoot in some fleets you don’t even have to know how to drive a manual. Thirteen speed road ranger wth is that. Allison changed trucking – over all most likely for the good. That is another conversation.

Like anything there are a few Cowboys still out there driving by the seat of their pants. Between GPS, mobile phones, all the tracking mapping software. It is not so much a knowledge game as keep up with the work. Stay awake, don’t drive off the road. If you can do those two things for the most part, you can drive. My one trainer always uses to say “any monkey can drive forward, takes truck driver to back up” took awhile for that one to sink, there is truth in those words. Even now as I travel and see the ideocracy on the road I can believe that.

Now don’t get me wrong I think truck driving is a great profession, you can make some good money depending on what sacrifices you are willing to make. Some can of those sacrifices can be applied to any job though. The big ones for trucking is if you have a family and are over the road driver, you are going to miss a lot things. Many are willing to accept this; I have my own thoughts on this I might expound on later. Driving locally make more sense for the family man imo.

Now if you’re thinking about becoming a truck driver here is a few thoughts to keep in mind. Use it to your advantage, the early months learn everything well, then start planning and working to see the country. Plan stops and lay over at places you wish to explore. Do you have family scatter about, make time to stop, even its only for lunch. I visited cousins in California which without trucking I probably would never have gotten to do. Make driving intentional not just a means to an end.

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