Never Have A Plan B If You Want To Win

by Jun 16, 2020

Reading this, you probably aim for freedom. All men are drawn to freedom. Letting our animalistic spirit run wild and do what we want.

A man’s goal is his purpose. His mission. Something to strive for.

Personally, I have tried a ton of things so far to “make it” in the online world.

I started with cryptocurrencies, trading, and investing them. I still own some, but it didn’t go too well, let’s keep it at that.

Then I started a blog about it, reviewing the so-called altcoins, Bitcoin, and all of that. It was OK, but with bad blog software, and just starting out with writing skills this didn’t cut it.

Then I started a personal blog, talking about philosophy and mindset, which in and of itself, wasn’t bad, but a weird brand.

Afterward, I went into building and selling websites. Made a couple of grand off of that, but it felt like another job, really. Still a lot of customer relations and bills, it felt like just another job to my already existing 9-5.

I was searching for freedom in that online world, and this wasn’t it.

So I started all these things until I came across a video from Arnold Schwarzenegger on Youtube. A speech he held for some University students if I remember correctly.

“I hate plan B”

That’s what he said. He hates plan B because it takes away energy from plan A. This speech had me thinking. Because it was exactly what I did until then. I was starting all of these endeavors, but always had in mind, “Yeah, if it doesn’t work out, I just do something else.”

While this seems like a safe approach, it also means, whenever you start to struggle with Plan A – which you inevitably will – you think about plan B.

And just that thinking about it will at least steal energy you could’ve used for plan A. In most cases, even worse. You start already thinking about your escape plan, how you could do it, and then you end up doing plan B before you even fully went with plan A.

You might be familiar with the poem by Charles Bukowski:

“If you’re going to try, go all the way.

Otherwise, don’t even start.

This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind.”

The poem is actually longer, but this catches the drift. And it caught my attention. While I started a bunch of things, I never really went with one of them.

I started these blogs, and if I didn’t have a ton of visitors within a few weeks, I would give up. Now, this was naive on its own, but it is a general mindset these days.

We live in a throwaway society. Nothing is built to last. Especially not the men. We give up on everything quickly.

And for you as a man, this is probably your biggest hindrance.

plan b

Against all odds

We always hear this catchphrase with successful people. “Against all odds, they became successful.” You think they had a plan B? No. They were hellbent on their initial plan. There was no other way. This was the way.

Maybe they had to start different things at first, sure. But those were just steps on the way to their real goal. Their endgame.

And this is the only way to gain success. By not having a plan B at all.

Now, some go to the extreme with this, quit their job, drop out of college, and go full into their dream. And my respect to them, but if you’re like me, married, kids, and a house, this doesn’t really work.

So let me tell you about my plan A.

After I tried all these things and none of it worked, I realized it could’ve worked, if I just put in the time and effort. Why not? I could’ve made a huge Web design agency, quit my 9-5. Or that cryptocurrency blog. Maybe it would’ve worked out in 10 years, maybe sooner. But if I put all my effort into it, and trusted in the process, it could’ve definitely worked.

So for my next endeavor, I decided to go all the way.

No plan B. There is nothing else I will be doing despite my current project. This will work out, no matter what. And so far, I am on track, despite adversity.

I figured I am married, and I see a lot of bad marriages, so let’s write about that. I also learned a lot about masculinity from blogs like this very blog I am now writing for.

So I decided to put this all in a brand called SELFCONQUERING.

Because that’s what I did, conquered myself.

And I am already playing against a bunch of odds.

I am from Germany, so I need to schedule my Tweets because my audience is in the US mostly. It’s tougher for me to interact.

I am not a native speaker, so I had to learn how to write decently in English. It’s worse for me to meet with people because I would need to fly over the pond. Stuff like that.

Yet I managed to gain over 9,000 followers on Twitter in 5 months, and thousands of views on my Blog. I am already making passive income with that blog.

Why? Because I went with it no matter what.

I actually wrote the first 40 articles before I even released the blog to the public. I wrote 40,000 words, a whole book, without knowing if anyone would care. I went all the way. 

This isn’t to brag about me. This is to tell you, that whatever you want to do, you need to go all the way.

Never think about a plan B. Not once! Waters getting rough with your project? Spend energy to clear the waters, bring your boat back on track. Don’t ever think about jumping ship. Trust the process! This trust is way harder than trusting your wife not to cheat, or your kids not to do dumb shit at a club.

This trust is the test of your grit.

Because shit will, absolutely, 100%, be rough. This is when you will be tested. When your masculine force will be put to the test. If you really got what it takes. I had great months where I made a ton of money, and I had released a book which sold like complete shit, so I had to take it down.

Sure, it feels bad. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a stage on the path to my end goal.

You need to trust yourself. Your end goal might even change a little bit. It’s fine. Adjustments are necessary, as long as you don’t drop it completely for something else just because – in the current moment – it seems hopeless.

Many men have managed it before you. None of them were ever questioning if they are doing the right thing if it got tough. They asked themselves how they get through it. If you want to succeed, this has to be your mantra.

Do not have a plan B. Plan A is all you have. This or nothing. Trust in the process of getting there. Work on it every day, even if the goal might seem like it is 100 years away. Doesn’t matter. Honor the process.

How to honor the process?

Why is it even so important? Well, goals are far away. If your goal is become rich, then this is very vague. 

The process is very precise. For example, if you want to write a book like I did, you can’t start your day thinking, “I’ll write that book today.”

This goal is so huge, you won’t do it. Elon Musk doesn’t wake up, “We go to Mars now.” You make goals smaller.

You plan to write 500 words that day. Or a chapter. Elon thinks about developing the hull for the ship today, how to keep people alive, etc.

And over time, all of it will come together and form the end goal.

This is the process.

Every day working on your project. In small bits. Even if some days are complete trash, because you had a fight with the wife, kids are ill, you were sitting at the doctor’s waiting room, thinking about missing time to work on your project.

Don’t worry. At least get 30 minutes in that day.

That is part of the process. Working on it, even in little chunks, despite the adversity you’re facing. Don’t hate yourself, it might take longer, sure. But at least you are moving towards the goal.

The person who is constantly thinking about it, but never acting, is still at the start line. You’re getting closer to the finish line day by day.

If you keep the process running like that, you will be over the finish line quicker than you can imagine right now.

Consistency is what wins the game.

Anyone can have great goals, ideas, and world-changing plans. The people who end up actually changing the world, are the men who act upon the process.

Every single day

– Alexander Reich

Twitter @selfconquering

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