People Have Been Duped Into Being A Slave.

by Nov 24, 2020

Change is in the air.

Confronting realities at the start of the roaring twenties is something more people are embracing. There has been a movement of many downsizing their lives and realizing they don’t need a bunch of junk to make themselves happy. Even with multitudes of information out there, it is still a small community. However, it continues to grow.

People are breaking away from stuffocation, going out and seeing what it’s like to get punched in the face. Between one that declutters your life, making you realize less is more and the other knocking some sense into you that you are stronger than you realize. It starts you down the path of learning to live a fulling life. 

I believe many men and women are starting to realize they have more in common with being a barbarian than one of those that conform to what civilizations dictate they must be. Once again, as the cities grow large, they are dying from within. Those with adventure in their hearts are leaving in groves for other lands. 

Holding you back

What areas of your life are holding you back? Have you sat and contemplated how much the things society says you need are slowly killing you? You realize it, you know it is happening, it’s always on the edge of consciousness yet unable to grab on to it. Those that can grab onto are the ones you see making changes.

You can search the interwebs, and hundreds of sites out there will show you how you can minimize down to the level of comfort you want from barebones to houses on wheels. Finding this new level of comfort will at first seem harsh to one that has stuff everywhere. Same as lifting iron, it does not get lighter; you become stronger. 

You start realizing less is more. What you do have has a purpose. Even things you use to decorate around you have meaning because you took the time to decide if it was something you truly wanted. Not the next thing the info commercial said you could not live without in your life. 


When you do your budget, you do have one? At the end of the month, do you have more money than when you started? If you don’t, then you are overextended. Plain and simple, you can argue this all you want. Somewhere to keep this level of loss up, you are using credit or loans, which means you have less than when you started and pay extra for it.

Yes, there is good debt, not talking about that yet. Because most of you are not using good debt, even if you think you are. I genuinely think many are under a spell of illusion regarding how money and debt work. No-fault of your own; your parents probably didn’t know either. The schools and governments sure don’t teach responsibility. 

I don’t know what the actual stat is, and more than likely, there is no real stat out there that shows how many are overextended financially. I think the scarier part is how many people duped into thinking they are financially sound. Taking credit cards out of the equation today, let’s look at two significant items that make you a slave or, if you don’t like that word, an indentured servant to someone else. 

Your home

Excuse me, what? Yes, I said home. You might be thinking I am about to oversimplify this. Somethings need to be simplified. If you have a mortgage for a house that all you do is live in, you are a debt slave. Now, catch how I worded that “if all you do is live in.” That means the property does not make you money. 

It could go up in value, and that is an investment. Yes, I would agree that the possibility exists. However, that is not the average person, and I would continue to argue that it is all but a select few and that you are not one of those people, especially if you are thinking of keeping it and passing it on to your children; this makes it a moot point. 

Next, if the house does not go up considerably in value, what are you gaining? Remember, you are paying interest on it. That interest is eating into your quote investment. All the repairs and maintenance that the house will need. When you add all that up against what you quote are making off the house when you sell, you will still be behind. 

Your transportation

The daily driver that gets you to and from work pick up groceries carts the family around. Once again, if you are taking a loan out on it as an average person does. You once again are strapping yourself down as a debt slave. On the one hand, it’s a shorter time generally than the house. 

What becomes worse is when more than one vehicle is needed. As in both you and your spouse need to get to work. Or you buy that extra play car or truck. Your credit is good, so you keep racking up the debt to have your toys. 

Let’s add in a motorcycle and maybe a boat, a four-wheeler, and the list of toys continues to grow, and the debt continues to pile on. You are a slave that has learned to manage debt. You may even enjoy all these toys for a time; life is short, after all. We need to enjoy it. Is it worth being a slave to another for these enjoyments?

Breaking Free

You can have your gilded cage and still be free. Start with the two big things your home and car. Do you need such a big house with a vast yard that will keep you under someone else thumb for 15 to 30 years, or can you do it with less? Pay it off quicker, or pay straight up with cash and be done. 

How about that car or truck? What can you get for cash as you build up your reserves? Will it take more effort on your part? Yes, it will. You may need to get your hands dirty. 

With both of these, it does not mean you are stuck with them for life. It means you can build reserves of cash and then make that money work for you or allow you to buy something more excellent down the road. All the while not having to pay that month’s payment. You are no longer a slave to someone else.

Good Debt

There a much greater men than I that talk about good debt and how to use it properly. You can do your research here to go down this road. Yes, I think you should look at it. What I am going to do is hit some of the highlights—keeping it simple. 

The first thing is you buy a property and then rent it out. What this does for you put you up a step in the chain. You do not have to pay for the mortgage and repairs now. The renter does. Playing your cards right, they pay off the property for you. Give you some cash flow, and depending on the value, sell the property for a profit—no money out of your pocket. 

Next, think about your vehicle and how you can make money with it. Are you a tradesman or a salesman? Then it can quickly become a write-off for you, especially if you are a business owner. You don’t even need to be a huge business, and it can have benefits. 

Does your home make you money? 

The first thing that comes to mind is a farm. Farms make money, and they have a house on it. There is a multitude of ways for it to make you money. Depending on how much land you have and what you want to deal with, livestock and gardens easy to do on a small scale and increased over time to make a decent wage.

Now in our current climate of lockdown, people are being forced to work from home. I think this will lead people to understand what many that worked from home already knew. How having a business office in your home can be beneficial. 

Finding ways to make your property make you money often involves creating some side business to the regular job. Know that a side job could one day turn into a full-time one. Breaking away from the corporate side of things if you so choose. You may have worked up to a spot in your job that you love, that is awesome. It still doesn’t mean you can’t do something on the side. 

Enjoy Less

You may think you need that big house, fancy car, or whatever other toy you may want. Until you can pay cash for a leisure item, all it does is enslave you more. You are continuing the cycle of the indentured hood to some faceless corporation. 

When you look at your monthly or even yearly budget, if there is debt (not the good kind), you are a slave. 

Start enjoying less and indeed become free. 

Written by Nathan
Twitter @steeljanz
IG @barbarianrhetoric


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