The Barbarian Rhetoric Podcast is live working to bring one a week for your listening pleasure as we dive into topics to get one’s mind thinking.

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We here and Barbarian Rhetoric are working on a new endeavor. to bring the words of Barbarian Rhetoric’s writers alive.

Don’t have time to sit and read – download and listen to articles as you travel or having a coffee.

Enjoy, check back as more will be added regularly.

“Barbarian Banter 001”

“Kiwi Adventure” W/Damon – Graeme – Mark

” Journey of a Father” w/T Wayne Hicks

“Rolling Rock Brothers” w/Scott & Jerry

“Turning Wrenches Round Two” w/ Doug McCoy

“Music Madness” w/Mike

“Mathematics and Muscles” w/ Damon Whitten and Graeme Smith

“Legacy Story” w/Mike Polnik

“Environmental Mythology” w/ Mark

“Turning Wrenches” w/Doug McCoy

“Elder Knowledge” w/ Joe Shoemaker & Scot Ortlip

“Philosophy’s Labrynith” w/ Michael Cooper

“The Russian Connection” w/ Avtoritet

“Beast Mode Engaged” w/ Joel Blanton

“Bold & Adventurous” w/ Nick Lowary

“The Endless Cycle” w/ Jay L

“Fathers & Daughters”

“The Christian & the Pagan” w/ Joe Shoemaker & Joseph Smith

“Is It All Speculative?” w/ Neovictorian & Graeme Smith

“Rise of the Argonaut” w/ Jayson the Argonaut

“Fathers & Sons” hosted by Nathan

“Looking to the Future through Peaceful Fatherhood” w/ Anthony Migliorino

Sanity & Reality w/ Neovictorian

Round Table Discussion 1 – World Decline

“Do You Know Your Final Death Song?” by Steel Janz

“Men Want to be Heard & Given Actionable Advice” by Chris DeCicco

“To Him Who is in Fear” by J. M. Shoemaker

“If You Are Miserable, It Is Your Own Fault” by Padre

The Jarl

The Jarl

A man of passion and of vision.

Nathan leads his clan of barbarians into the modern world with one quest for his horde.

To seize back their lands from modern society.

To return our families to the values that once enhanced our lives to the greatest heights it had ever known.